Models is a series of cut-outs from magazine ads which create fantastic beings from imagery that seeks to commodify the female body. These works, in essence, the liquidly dancing essential self, read as a feminist commentary on commercial imagery and the promise of liberation.  Read more.

-John Mendelsohn, DʼArt Magazine

The expectation of thinness is a modern phenomenon. That these emaciated beings are role models for young girls is an anathema to the increasingly liberated, self actualizing contemporary woman.  Read More.

- Mary Hrbacek, the m magazine

Gennaroʼs work is underscored by a fluid, almost baroque imagination. The interdisciplinary sources of Gennaroʼs imagination, seen in her surrealistic cutouts from fashion magazines, reinforce this idea.  Read More.

-Robert Mahoney

The artist creates decoupage silhouettes cut from fashion magazine ads, forming hybridic human-like creatures with elongated and attenuated limbs in the form of silhouetted art-nouveauish design patterns.  Read More.

-Dominique Nahas



... a series of images that are equal parts beautiful and disturbing – and that encourage the reader to question not only their relationship to fashion imagery in general, but to their own bodies in particular.                                                          

                                                                                        -Lauren David Peden, Rue La La                                                                  

feed the models text.pdf commentary text from NPR “All Things Considered”